Just when I thought #AVWORDS had died, AOPA comes to its rescue and saves the day!

10:30 PM

If you've been following this little monster of a word game I created last week called #AVWORDS, you have seen long lists of words from some very creative members of our aviation family. It started with a couple of words I threw on to a Twitstream, and it grew from there. But By last Friday, it started to look like it had ran its course...a short-lived Twitter meme that while being great fun for a while, was soon destined to die a reasonably fast death.

The traffic on the #AVWORDS stream was about stopped when AOPA picked up the story for their Friday eBrief. Well we all know what happens when AOPA picks up a story...it goes viral quickly!

It did not take long for traffic to again pick up, and by Saturday night, I started losing the ability to keep up with it. A guy can only copy/paste so fast. So what follows is a collection of some of my favorites, gleaned from this stream:

ARTIFICIAL CHORIZON: Fake Spanish sausage served at low-budget pancake breakfast.

PIDDLE MARKER: Sign indicating direction to the nearest restroom at the airport.

MIDDLE PARKER: pilot who takes up two spaces on the ramp.

DRAG WARE: clothing for a trans-gendered pilot.

CRAB DANGLE: the art of dangling unruly pax out the door during flight.

NI BOARD: essential flight accessory for Monty Python fans.

SLYHAWK: Stealth Cessna.

OSHMOSH: Crowd in front of the stage @ Mon concert.

RUNPAY: what you get when you have landing fees.

OSHGOSH: Exclamation of wonder from 1st time Airventure attendee.

SQUAT STITCH: An extra stitch in extra large aviator pants. Designed for redundancy during fuel sump checks on low-wing aircraft.

TURBO CROP: Special variety of corn used to make the "organic" jet fuel sold by Whole Foods.

BARMAC: What you trip and face-plant into after having one too many at the airport bar.

CELCAL: What you shouldn't do while at the controls.

G-BAND: Risque undergarment worn by pilots. Wider than the g-string (for obvious reasons).

VINDICATED AIRSPEED: When your wife yells at you to slow down and you point to the GPS to prove you weren't over VMO.

SLAPERON: How sloppy AMEs install aircraft parts.

HAIRSPEED INDICATOR: Clip devices attached to hair of open-cockpit flyers and wing-walkers. See also: VFE: Follicle Extraction speed.

ACCELERATED STALE: What your bread goes when you leave its bag and the hangar door open.

HERDS UP DISPLAY: Cockpit display that gives bush pilots better situational awareness when landing during Caribou migration season.

NONCORDE: A supersonic passenger airplane that no longer exists.

PUCE GOOSE: A giant wooden seaplane painted a Gawd-awful pink color that resembles hex color CC8899.

"RED" BARON MANFRED VON PRICHTHOFEN: A German flying ace that had a way of being a complete prick in World War 1.

LESSERSCHMITT BF 109: A German fighter that didn't stand a chance against a P-51 Mustang.

FERNOULLI EFFECT: The art of giving the ratty FBO on your home field a much needed makeover.

HERSHING MISSLE: A deadly weapon of mass destruction that can deliver massive amounts of dark chocolate right to a cave door.

SPOILET: A device to slow a pilot down as he races across the ramp on his way to the FBO bathroom.

DUDDER: A control surface that is too small to adequately provide proper effectiveness.

WOCKPIT: What it sounds like when Elmer Fudd describes a ROCKPIT.

ROCKPIT: A flight deck with Captain Fred Flintstone and FO Barney Rubble.

LOCKPIT: The flight deck of an airliner after the FA shuts and locked the cockpit door.

HOCKPIT: What you call your flight deck when you had to use a second mortgage to buy a new panel.

MOCKPIT: A flight deck with all in-op instruments and controls.

BLING SPAR: The main support structure of an airplane's wings that has been encrusted with diamonds and gold.

LEADSET: A device over a pilot's head for listening to ATC communications that is very heavy and uncomfortable.

BLT: An emergency locator radio that emits the smell of bacon so searchers can find you while looking for breakfast.

LACHOMETER: An instrument that tells you when your crappy engine is putting out less-that-optimal RPMs.

FINDSHEAR: A stoopid pilot who actually goes out LOOKING for dangerous gusty winds found near the runway in final.

OXYGIN: A gas infused with Tanqueray that is breathed by pilots flying at high altitudes in non-pressurized airplanes.

BALKAROUND: When a pilot simply refuses to do a ground inspection of the airplane prior to flight.

RETAR: An automated transmission that alerts pilots of a runway re-construction project at their destination airport.

TITOT COVER: A very small piece of fabric designed to cover the top of a woman's body at the beach.

FIGHTER PET: A Chihuahua that a Top Gun always takes along when shooting bogeys in his F-18.

LEFTHANSA: An airline based in Germany that only serves Democrats.

JOYSTUCK: When the control stick in your Piper Cub gets jammed in the aft position.

BUCKCOURSE APPROACH: What rednecks fly inbound when drinking beer and hunting deer in their Cessna.

TURD RUNWAY: A "grass" strip used by small taildraggers that is next to a toxic sewer farm.

RUTAN DARIEZE: An experimental canard airplane powered by 2% Low Fat milk.

SPACECHIPONE: A new vehicle designed for commercial space travel made out of and looking just like a Dorito.

AMELIA BARHART: An aviatrix explorer who got drunk on Coconut Daiquiris in a Howland Island dive bar and fell into the sea.

MIDDLE BARKER: A gypsy carnival salesman who stands under an ILS approach and yells at you when you fly over.

PIPER TRI-RACER: A PA-22 turboprop with a Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine.

AVIS: An automated radio transmission telling you if your rental car is ready at the counter.

FONTINENTAL ENGINE: An airplane powerplant that comes in regular, bold and italic versions.

TIEDAWN: a parking spot available only till sunrise.

HELIBAD: an inconsiderate helicopter pilot that turns airplanes over with rotor blast.

SPITDIRE: a poor-men piston engine fighter from WWII.

AFTERTURNER: a fighter pilot known for poor navigational skills.

LOW BASS: a method for fishing from an airplane without landing.

WETHER RADAR: onboard system to help insecure pilots make a choice.

FUEL GLOW: the effect on your tanks after filling them with Chernobyl’s avgas.

USER PEES: why pilots would do on a government request for more taxes.

SIDESTOP: skidding sideway on the runway after a bad crosswind landing.

GROSSWIND: air blowing across the runway from a sewage treatment area.

CARB BEAT: the sound made by an iced over engine.

FAKEOFFRUN: rolling on the runway at full throttle, only to hide behind a hangar.

READSTICK LANDING: a textbook arrival

FAILPLANE: you already knew that airplane wasn’t safe, why have you flown it?

FRY BY: a nice Diner really close to the runway.

NORA! NORA! NORA! shouted by a Japaneze kamikaze that sat through Ibsen's Doll's House one too many times (sorry....)

WINE SPAN: the dimensions of the spill when your $12 thimble of Cabernet hits the floor after encountering turbulence.

TOUCH AND NO: sexual harassment training for aviators.

SEATBOLT - the part that causes discomfort to your posterior when squeezed into a too-small seat on a commercial flight.

ABIOPHOBIA - fear of flab around the middle caused by eating too many $100 hamburgers.

ROTATING BACON: What you get flying acro after a big breakfast.

OFF-AIRPORT LENDING: When the FBO gives you a crew car to find a Wendy's downtown.

GROSSFEED: a disgusting way to make your engines run.

AVIANICS - The parts of your plane that are Tango Uniform after a birdstrike.

TRUST REVERSER: Slows the plane down because neither pilot trusts the other!

GOLD SHORT: Customs check at many South African airports designed to prevent smuggling.

NOTAB: Advance warning to pilots that bars in nearby areas are strictly cash only, thanks to others not paying bills on time.

So I guess this thing has some life in it. If you want to join the fun, change one letter of a known aviation word, write a funny new description and post on Twitter using hashtag #AVWORDS.

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