Twitter #avgeeks have fun with Airplanista's #AvWords meme

11:27 PM

So tonight I was happily working away on a late shift when my sister sends me one of those funny emails everyone is forwarding. She is always very good at only sending things she knows I will like. And since she was responsible for buying me the very first electric typewriter that launched my journalism career back in the early 1980s, she knows and appreciates that I have always been a "wordie" so to speak.

The email was a bonehead simple way to have fun with words. All that was required is that people changed one letter in a known word, and then write a new definition for the new word. Some, like BOZONE (The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating) were hilarious.

But me being, well, ME..always gravitates towards aviation, so I immediately went over to Tweetdeck and threw out the concept to my 3,700+ followers. "What if we could play the game with aviation words?" I asked. Of course, my #avwords stream lit up like the landing lights on an A380.

So, it appears I started something really fun. 

Some of the best of the #avwords are below. These all came in during about a two hour period...and I am quite sure this meme will continue for a while. I am sorry in advance if you lose valuable productivity in the next few days following the #avwords stream:

BACH NUMBER: Used by A&Ps to indicate how baroque your aircraft is.

IKAO: Swedish aircraft available in a flat pack homebuilt version.

ATTITUDE ALERT SYSTEM: Warns the flight crew when the flight attendants are getting grumpy.

PITOT LUBE: You know what it's for.

NOAH: Weather service that always predicts rain.

NEXTGIN: Favorite drink of the FAA and a substitute for Avgas.

ABIONICS: Cybernetic augmentations that enable a pilot to interface directly to the EFIS and DMU.

OVIONICS: Flight instrumentation for sheep.

BRANSPONDER: Dispenser of high fiber cereal.

CRANSPONDER: Machine to the right that of the BRANSPONDER that sprinkles cranberries on the bran cereal,

TYKEOFF: When the parents of the screaming toddler threaten to kick him off the plane unless he behaves.

SAND-PROPPING: Removing the grit from your cowl after a heavy twin runs up in front of you.

NO-GYRO APPROACH: Avoiding the Greek sandwich shop in the terminal at lunchtime.

TRAMSPONDER: Radio that calls ahead for crew transit away from the airport.

NAGCOM: A radio that keeps bitching at you when you are off course.

SQUACK: Maintenance report after a duck strike.

APTIMETER: A new instrument to measure your level of flying skills and knowledge.

JOYSLICK: When too much Vasoline on your hands prevents you from flying your Piper Cub.

TURBONE: What you feel like happens when U get the bill for a hot section inspection.

WAYPAINT: The material used to paint a waypoint on the sectional.

NOJAM: The official notice to all airmen that you must now eat a sandwich of just bread and peanut butter.

PYRO: What happens when your gyro spins too fast and explodes in flames.

SIPMET: An official warning of all beer drinking known to exist in a given geographical area.

DELICOPTER: A rotor-wing flying machine that delivers Reuben Sandwiches to places with no landing strips.

METAB: All your steak in one tiny little pill.

BONOPLANE: The preferred method of travel for the band U2.

FLART: When you eat burritos and light up your underwear.

SQUAL: When ATC is sleeping and all pilots in the airspace are buzzing around like bees.

WINGLEGS: When an aircraft is walking down the tarmac.

Stay tuned, this fun is far from over...

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