New Email notification subscription system for the Airplanista Blog

5:44 PM

If you're already a subscriber to this blog, then you already receive email notifications in your inbox each time we update with new information. For these subscribers, nothing will change except that the emails will now come from Mailchimp instead of Feedburner. Please keep an eye out for these emails and add them to your whitelist if necessary.

For my readers who are not yet subscribed to receive new inbox notifications, it's fast, easy and most importantly, FREE. Just enter your email address on the blog (top right corner) and wait for us to post new content.

To all my new and future subscribers, I make this pledge as a privacy policy: I will never rent, sell or otherwise distribute your email address to anyone, it will only be used to keep you updated on changes and new content in my wild Airplanista world. You will only receive emails when we post new content or have larger announcements about meet-ups, promotions within the Airplanista aviation family or other non-sales social emails.

Thanks..and if you have not subscribed, please do so today!


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