Busting Common GA Myths: The Survey Results

1:43 PM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

Recently, Airplanista conducted a non-scientific survey to try and determine just what it is about our general aviation airplanes that keep some people from enjoying the one thing we aviators love so much...flying! We tried to limit the respondents of the survey to just those people who are fearful of flying in GA airplanes of six seats or less, and with a little help from a mention in AOPA's daily eBrief, 114 people provided data that is presented in PDF format below. Again, this was just a casual, anonymous poll, and the results should not be considered any sort of statement by me, my blog or my business.

Click here to read the results of the survey (PDF).

I will let you formulate your own opinions about what the results mean. If you see clues in the results that will help you to educate the public about what flying with us is really like, feel free to seek out people who are scared of our "little airplanes" and try and change their minds.

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