The 2013 Airplanista #OSHBASH Awards: Must be Present to Win

5:11 PM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

Now that I have announced the 2013 #OSHBASH Awards, I am getting inquiries about what the heck this all is. Since this event is a "first-ever" for Airplanista - and as far as I know, for the #Avgeek community as well - it was not unexpected that a few of you want to learn more.

So here are some more details...
Just like in 2011, Airplanista has again secured the EAA Press Tent on Wednesday, July 31 from 5:30P - 7:30P. This is a great venue offered by the EAA Communications team as their way of supporting the growing Twitter social media aviation scene. At this "meetup" many of the #Avgeeks found on that popular platform every day will gather to enjoy the fellowship that comes from hanging out with people who are just crazy about airplanes. But new this year, the main event of the evening will be the #OSHBASH Awards, where 10 special #Avgeeks will be honored for their devotion to promoting GA and business aviation 140 characters at a time.
At the 2013 #OSHBASH ceremony, Airplanista will be giving out some very nice acrylic and stone awards donated by Rick Cordary (a Mooney 231 pilot) of Edco Awards and Specialties in the following categories:

Airplanista of the Year
Podcaster of the Year
Most Innovative Use of Twitter
Aviation Entrepreneur of the Year
Mover/Shaker Award
Volunteer of the Year
Spirit of Airplanista Award
Future of Aviation Award
Master of Snark Award
Congeniality Award

The way we will select the winners is based on one clear concept...YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. That is simply because an awards ceremony with absent winners is really, really boring. So, here is the process Airplanista will use to determine who leaves the Press Tent with an #OSHBASH Award:
1. On or about May 1, Airplanista will launch to open the nomination period. From that new site, you'll be able to jump over to the official Eventbrite page describing #OSHBASH. Only #Avgeeks who go to Eventbrite and pre-register (free of course) and plan to attend the event will be eligible for nomination.

2. On or about July 1, after the #Avgeek community has had sufficient time to pre-register for the event, three nominees for each category will be chosen from these pre-registrants.

3. The names of the 30 nominees (3 x 10 categories) will go up on so the public can vote to choose the winners. Sharing of this page will be encouraged so people can get their friends, family, co-workers, fans, followers and other #Avgeeks to vote for their favorite Airplanistas.

4. At #Oshbash on July 31, we will gather and I will take a head count of who among the 30 nominees are present at the event. In each category, the winner will be the #Avgeek with the most votes from the voting, but if they are absent, the award will go to second, and if needed, third place. The highly-coveted "Airplanista of the Year" award will go to the #Avgeek receiving the most votes overall.
The best way to stay on top of developments and announcements for the #OSHBASH Awards is to subscribe to this blog using the SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG feature at top right. That system sends out new emails when there is fresh content on Airplanista, including news of the awards.

I am very excited to be honoring the #Avgeeks on Twitter, a community growing so fast, someone needed to step up and hand out something nice for the hard work all of you do promoting aviation.

    Stay tuned...this is going to be so much fun!

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