@DaveFlys Steps up to Add Digital Excitement to the 2013 Airplanista #Oshbash Awards

11:03 PM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

If you watched the recent happenings on Twitter from the Sun 'n Fun International Fly-in and Expo, it was hard to avoid seeing the Twitname @DaveFlys. David Allen's video blog site Other People's Airplanes (OPA) was everywhere, and it was a real joy to watch.

Every day, from various venues, Allen and OPA brought together a crew of equally awesome Airplanistas to somehow connect a mass of wires, computers, switchers, video boards and cameras into a sort of portable TV studio that streamed some great video programs from the show. With the exception of one program that was scrubbed due to a massive thunderstorm moving through the area, it was very cool to see people in the know such as General Aviation News' Ben Sclair being interviewed by Allen and Co.

So I am stoked to announce that Allen has agreed to bring the whole OPA Traveling Video Road Show to EAA Airventure Oshkosh to live stream the 2013 Airplanista #Oshbash Awards. From 530P - 7:30P on Wednesday, July 31, OPA will broadcast live from the EAA Press Tent so the world can tune in to see who becomes the 10 most influential #Avgeeks of the Year.

Allen is one of the very active #Avgeeks on Twitter, and he epitomizes what it means to be an Airplanista. While not a pilot, he sums up his love of aviation this way: "I hold no pilot certificates, which is why I fly...other people's airplanes. That means pretty much anything in which others are willing to take me up."

His official bio lets you know this guy really loves airplanes, that he is truly one of us:
David Allen is an aviation enthusiast and digital media producer living on the Space Coast of Florida. Since the age of 8, when his father took him flying for the first time in a 1979 Cessna 152, David has had a fierce passion for aviation and aerospace. Not yet a pilot himself, David has found creative ways to stay plugged into aviation. David's volunteer service includes the Civil Air Patrol, SUN 'n FUN, AirVenture, Sebring, and Valkaria Air Fest. He hosts and produces three aviation-themed Internet podcasts including the popular aviation video show "Other People's Airplanes". David also participated in the filming of the first two installments of the independent documentary "Acro Camp", both of which are currently in post production.
When I write on this blog about "Airplanistas" I am writing about people like Allen. To be an Airplanista means to give yourself fully to the cause of promoting aviation, all day, every day. An Airplanista in the purest sense thinks first about the aviation family, and brings his or her special talents to the table. Every Airplanista that reads this blog has a special skill they contribute for the greater good. For me, that means writing this blog, and for David Allen, it means using his video production skills to bring attention to others who, like him, are working equally hard to push GA forward.

To have Allen and the OPA crew come set-up their equipment to live stream my #Oshbash event is a form of validation, as it confirms that this event – and this blog – has truly hit the big time. From the first few rough posts I penned in 2005, through those crazy 14 months when I published the digital magazine version of Airplanista, the concept of aviators being "Airplanistas" has grown a little larger each month. Now, with the help of @DaveFlys, this first-ever awards event will be shown literally around this entire planet, in real-time, with multiple cameras, in a professional show that will be as good as I could have ever hoped for.

Watch this blog for future announcements on the #Oshbash Awards, including the launch of a new (and might I say quite awesome) new website for the event. I will also be announcing how you can get yourself nominated, and how those 30 nominees will be able to leverage their social media networks to gain the votes to win in one of the 10 categories.

This event is going to be a blast, with refreshments from Ardy & Ed's Drive In, and super-groovy (and classy) awards from Edco Awards and Specialties. Stay tuned...we are going to have the kind of fun only Airplanistas get to have.

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