A Celebration of the #Avgeek Community: It's a Bash. At OSH.

9:02 PM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

It is pretty common right now to have someone ask me what this #Oshbash event I've hatched is all about. They've seen the tweets, and now, as #OSH13 gets closer, many are asking...wazzup? I get this question via Twitter, in email, and even in person at my EAA chapter meetings.

So with about 39 days, 9 hours and a few very long minutes to go before EAA throws open the gates at the World's Largest Aviation Celebration, I thought now would be a great time to bring more people up to speed on #Oshbash. Here's the skinny:
#Oshbash, at its core, is this blog's Twitter meetup for the aviation #avgeek community. It started at #OSH11 as a way for the readers of my digital magazine (now the blog) to come together and hang out. Anyone who is an "Airplanista" is welcome to show up and meet some of the people they see in their Twitter feeds. At #OSH13, the theme of the event will be to celebrate the growth of aviation social media, on Twitter, on Facebook, in Podcasts and on a growing number of very well-written blogs. At #Oshbash, Twitter handles become faces, as an aviator's online BFFs come alive in flesh and blood. There is an enormous amount of the camaraderie we pilots are famous for, lots of laughter, a few hangar flying tales, and plenty of fresh stories about the day's AirVenture experience.
At the first #Oshbash held in the EAA Press tent, we just about filled every chair in the place with Airplanistas all enjoying the scene. We met Mike Goulian, and heard from a few speakers who were doing great things as aviation volunteers. But while that show was a winner in many ways, I'm confident we've raised the bar for the 2013 edition of #Oshbash:
There can be no denying that aviation social media is exploding. Every day, we see new people on Twitter adding to the conversation, posting links to great aviation content. I maintain a public #Avgeeks list on Twitter that grows every day, with 205 aviators on there now. And this list just scratches the surface of the #Avgeeks that are using that platform. So for 2013, I am launching the first annual #Oshbash Awards, to honor the most active, most influential and most creative #Avgeeks on Twitter and across the aviation social media scene.
Awards? You mean like a new airplane for the winners? Well, no, not exactly...
Airplanista has drawn the support of several companies who are fans of the blog. This includes Rick Cordary of Edco Awards and Specialties, a Mooney pilot who donated 10 gorgeous acrylic awards with a cool stone base. These awards will be given to the winners in these categories:

Podcaster of the Year
Most Innovative Use of Twitter
Aviation Entrepreneur of the Year
Mover/Shaker Award
Volunteer of the Year
Spirit of Airplanista Award
Future of Aviation Award
Master of Snark Award
Congeniality Award
On July 1, people will be able to go to oshbash.com and vote for their favorite #Avgeeks who have been nominated. We'll tally those votes, and pick a winner in each of the nine categories. The #Avgeek with the highest number of votes overall will be crowned Airplanista of the Year.

We're also very happy to have refreshments sponsored by Oshkosh's coolest restaurant, Ardy & Ed's Drive-in, and also to have the event being streamed live online through a partnership with David Allen of otherpeoplesairplanes.com.

So now that you are coming to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, grab a writing tool that is INK (not pencil) and mark off 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM on Wednesday night, July 31 on your Oshkosh calendar. This year's event in the EAA Press Tent (just NE of the FAA tower) will be crowded, so get there early to grab a seat. We'll have fun, we'll give away some awards, and you'll get to meet all those peeps you "talk" to every day on Twitter.

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