#Oshbash Awards Update: Sponsors Step Up to Help Airplanista Celebrate Aviation Social Networking

1:57 PM

Who: All Airplanistas attending EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
What: Airplanista 2013 #Oshbash Awards and Meetup
When: Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 5:30P - 7:30P
Where: Press Tent, (just NE of FAA Tower adjacent to Media HQ | map
Why: To celebrate aviation social networking

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

As this is being written, the 2013 edition of EAA's annual airplane party, family reunion and trade show/convention is set to launch in a few days. For those of us who cannot wait for the next trip to KOSH, this is the "most wonderful time of the year"...far surpassing even Christmas. Yeah, Santa is pretty cool, but even WITH flying reindeer, he cannot compete with AirVenture.

Hmm, upon thinking about that last sentence, maybe Dick Knapinski and the EAA gang can somehow find the time to convince Santa and his team to appear at #OSH13. Something tells me that would be the "get" of the century. Imagine what the air show would be like, maybe a formation flight, with Patty Wagstaff in her Tucano, EAA's B-17 bomber "Aluminum Overcast", Duggy and Santa's flying sleigh, all wingtip to wingtip over runway 18/36.

In reality, we doubt even Knapinski can bring Santa to Oshkosh. But that doesn't mean we won't all have loads of fun. And speaking of fun, watching the Airplanista #Oshbash Awards and Twitter meetup come together has been a real joy for me, and interest is peaking just in time for opening day. Here is an update heading towards the event:


The support #Oshbash has received from a growing list of sponsors is both refreshing and humbling. It confirms to me that yes, the pace of aviation social networking is quickening, and that more people online are noticing how active we all have become as #Avgeeks. Here is a shout to our event sponsors:

Rick Cordary - Edco Awards and Specialties (Awards) - Rick is a former Mooney pilot, and his company donated the gorgeous acrylic and stone awards. This sponsorship is valued close to $700. Airplanista cannot thank Rick and Edco enough for this generous gift that is making the whole awards event possible.

Dick Knapinski - EAA (Press Tent) - Over the years, Dick has always shown a fondness for aviation social networking, and he knows the value of a legion of #Avgeeks talking online about EAA and AirVenture. His donation of the Press Tent is a very nice gesture, and it is appreciated.

Steve Davis
- Ardy & Ed’s Drive-in - Oshkosh (Refreshments) - This iconic Oshkosh drive-in is helping with some refreshments, and this should be a very popular part of the event. If you care to head over to 2413 S Main St. (map) and step back in time to the 1950s, I strongly suggest the "Drive-in Double" burger...which marries a slab of beef to a slab of Bratwurst. Add fries and a "Black Cow" to send your taste buds into orbit.

David Allen - OtherPeoplesAirplanes.com - David has put together an entire CREW to come and give live streaming of #Oshbash a try. I say that because the entire streaming process depends on his crew having sufficient bandwidth to send out the stream. And we all know that Internet connectivity at Airventure can be spotty. I believe he has a few options to make this happen, and if he succeeds, the entire PLANET gets to enjoy #Oshbash.

Julie Celeste - Celeste/Daniels Advertising & Design - Julie is my business partner (and wife) and as my ad agency's Managing Partner, has been more than generous towards #Oshbash by allowing me and others the time and resources to develop and promote the event. The agency is also providing the website development and hosting of the oshbash.com site.

Tyson Weihs - ForeFlight - Tyson contacted me last week and offered to throw down the coin to allow us to present a $25 ForeFlight gift certificate for each winner. As one of the founders of this great mobile app, Weihs was interested in speaking at the event but has a schedule conflict.

Dave Pascoe - LiveATC.net - This sponsorship came out of left field, and surprised me when Dave offered to buy a Yaesu VHF Transceiver from Sporty’s to be awarded to the overall Airplanista of the Year winner. This is a classy move, and one you might expect from a guy who has developed the "go to" site for listening to ATC chatter.

AC Tracktech Portable Aircraft Tugs - This sponsorship also came in unsolicited, from a company that produces a very cool remote/control aircraft tug that is small and light enough to take with you in the airplane. They are donating 10 $20 EAA gift cards, one for each winner.

#Oshbash voting at oshbash.com/vote has surpassed all expectations, and could hit 1,300 individual voters before the voting phase ends Monday, July 29th at 5PM Pacific time. Nearly all of the 27 nominees have employed a large plethora of digital tactics to seek out votes from friends, family, fans and followers. Some of the races are blowouts, while others will remain tight all the way to the end.

Because these 27 nominees have been out there every day seeking votes by tweeting, Twitter activity using the hashtag #Oshbash has grown every day. Not only are nominees talking about the event, but Airplanistas who are traveling to #OSH13 this year are also mentioning the event as part of their packed AirVenture schedules.

You can expect a few laughs at #Oshbash, and a few surprises. Each nominee has sent in bios listing some known and not-so-well-known things about them, and as host, I plan on "roasting" them all. If you have ever watched any of the reality singing/dancing/cooking shows on TV, you will recognize the drama that will prevail as we announce the winners. There is no keynote speaker slated, but I might get a few words out of some special guests who have indicated they might show up. #Oshbash should be a great rally to celebrate aviation social networking and the many people who keep the GA conversation going online every day.


Sam Wiltzius @WiredForFlight - Sam has generously offered the use of his truck for me to retrieve some event supplies off site, and also has been carefully guarding the two boxes of awards that were shipped to him in Wisconsin.

Ian Hoyt @PilotIan24 of Heading 370 Aviation Apparel - Ian is an accomplished photographer and will provide event photo support for the Airplanista blog. Not only will he shoot the #Oshbash event, he has also been given the green light to shoot anything at AirVenture, with his favorite images made available on the blog during show week. A gallery of his favorite images is here.

There it is...everything you need to know about #Oshbash. Come early if you want a seat as I can promise this will be a packed venue. There will be SRO outside the Press Tent with a view inside plus audio of the event. The official eventbrite page for #Oshbash is here, and the main Oshbash.com site is here.

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