Extreme Social Geekery: The Aviation Family Celebrates at Oshkosh

11:37 AM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

(OSHKOSH, WI, Aug 2, 2013) This trip to AirVenture has by far been my most enjoyable, simply because the social aspect of this event is off the charts. A large and very well-connected #Avgeek community is here, tweeting, meeting and greeting one another in a constant stream of meetups that seem to be pulling this group together even closer:

Last night was the Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast Beer Bash, held just outside the gate between the North 40 and the Super 8 (which with escalated prices for the show should probably be called the Super 258). The Beer Bash was timed to coincide with the evening's departure of airplanes, and as 100 or so #Avgeeks chatted and sucked down a variety of cold beers and cheese puffs from the trunk of someone's car, we watched as Cessna after Piper after Diamond after bizjet departed, sometimes in close but not planned formation. But when the EAA B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" blasted off over the party, doing a very VERY cool low flyby/photo pass, a loud cheer erupted from the #avgeeks. Especially me, wearing my B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" Ground Crew shirt from the bomber's Eugene, Oregon tour stop last May. A couple of guys were strumming their guitars while a third seemed to make up lyrics about Oshkosh and the North 40. It was a gas...one of those memorable moments that can only happen at Oshkosh.
Tonight is the OpenAirplane Party at the Sennheiser tent starting at 5:30P, followed by a mass migration of #Avgeeks over to the Fly-in Theatre for the world premiere of Disney's Planes. It will be more great chat, more bonding, more celebration of aviation social networking. And it will be fabulous. A quick chat with Dave Pascoe of LiveATC.net just now in the Media Workroom resulted in our full agreement that aviation social networking is indeed reaching critical mass...but it is just not there yet. "It's on the right trajectory," Pascoe said, "and we need to keep that going."

Well said, Dave.

Here is a sample of a few images of my Airplanista #Oshbash event on Wednesday night. Photos by Dave Pascoe. Enjoy:

Oshbash host Av8rdan, left, introduces the nominees for Podcaster of the Year
(L to R) Rob Mark, Dave Allen and Jack Hodgson

Dave Allen of Otherpeoplesairplanes.com recites the poem
"High Flight" from memory.

Host Av8rdan with Marty Santic, Oshbash Volunteer of the Year

Av8rdan roasts the nominees presenting some interesting facts
about the nominees that made the night unpredictable.

Ben Davison (@Airplanology) accepts his award from Av8rdan
for Oshbash Master of Snark

After being "roasted" by Oshbash host Av8rdan, (off frame left),
OpenAirplane co-founder Rod Rakic, left, is about to lay one on the host!

OpenAirplane co-founders Rod Rakic, left and Adam Fast celebrate winning the night's
top honor, Airplanista(s) of the Year.

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