Final Results from #Oshbash: A Tent Full of #Avgeeks Celebrates Aviation Social Networking!

11:40 AM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

Last night's #Oshbash event was great fun, and shined a light on the growing aviation social networking community that seems to add new and exciting members ever day.

As the organizer, host, and creator of #Oshbash, I consider it a success in all aspects. We packed the Press Tent at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh with about 80 Airplanistas, with another 40-50 milling around outside in the Press Hospitality tent. In addition, the event was streamed live to the world by the video crew from Other Peoples Airplanes. I owe a mountain of gratitude to David Allen, Producer, and his team, Mike Ladd, Director, Damon Favor, Associate Producer/Additional Camera, Chris Gustafson, Camera, and John Conway, Technical Director/Computer Graphics. This was how cool it was to have this streamed live to the entire planet:

I heard from several people who were very impressed with the production value and picture quality this team made available online, and I am thankful that their HARD work putting this together paid off big. I read on Twitter this A.M. that even Lynda Meeks, who has been a fixture at Oshkosh for years as @GirlsWithWings, was able to join the party from her new post as a Sim Instructor for a major Hong Kong!
I want to thank all the sponsors of this event, including all of those I acknowledged last night at the event. But at the very last minute, Dean Siracusa of Flying Eyes Sunglasses stepped up and surprised the audience with an offer of a free pair of his awesome sunglasses for each winner, a donation of over $2,000! I tried Flying Eyes on yesterday at his booth (can't miss it, just to the right inside the main gate...look for his incredibly cool blue/white 1966 Meyers 200D parked in front of the booth) and was really impressed. Since these very good looking sunglasse have a strap around the back of your head instead of hard chunks of plastic resting atop your ears, you can wear them with headsets without discomfort. Siracusa and his team have really thought this through, and I can promise you it will be worth your time to go check these out online or at #OSH13.

Here is the final results of the voting:

Airplanista of the Year: Rod Rakic and Adam Fast/OpenAirplane
Congeniality Award: Larry Overstreet
Master of Snark Award: Ben Davison
Mover/Shaker Award: Ron Klutts
Spirit of Airplanista Award: Sam Wiltzius
Volunteer of the Year: Martin Santic
Podcaster of the Year: Jack Hodgson
Most Innovative Use of Twitter: Dick Knapinski
Future of Aviation Award: Thomson Meeks
Aviation Entrepreneur of the Year: Paul Lemley/Classic Flight Bags

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