#Avgeeks, Let's Make it "1,000,000 Pilots Tuesday" at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

10:05 PM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

By now, most readers of this blog - and my loyal flock of followers on Twitter - know all about the 2014 Oshbash event this blog is hosting called the GA Power Collective, coming to the Press Tent at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh on Tuesday, July 29th 5:30PM - 7:30PM.

If you are just tuning in, stop by the official Oshbash website and bring yourself up to speed.

As I have developed this event, it has been very cool to watch the active #avgeek community on Twitter get behind the idea of discussing how the major aviation groups can work together with a common goal of growing the pilot ranks to 1,000,000 certificated pilots.

Buzz has slowing been inching up into the yellow zone, and now, I have a big announcement that is sure to push that buzz-o-meter well into the red:
Bryan Rivera of Windtee has helped Airplanista design the official GA Power Collective event shirt for 2014, shown above. But as I began teasing the design out to the Twitosphere, one prominent #avgeek, @LarryOverstreet, was so excited about the shirts, he threw down this challenge to the rest of the #Avgeeks: Let's get 1,000 #Avgeeks to all buy a "1,000,000 Pilots" shirt and wear them on the same day at Oshkosh. 
As an aviation ad campaign developer by day, I think Larry's idea is brilliant. That day is Tuesday, July 29th, and everywhere people will go on the grounds during that day, they will see these bright blue shirts, and ask "what's this 1,000,000 Pilots stuff I keep seeing all over today?" That, my flying friends, will open the door for the #avgeeks wearing these handsome threads to talk about the idea of the GA Power Collective bringing the major aviation groups together, along with a brief plug for the Oshbash event, happening that evening in the Press Tent.

This is grass roots solidarity at it's finest. And now the sales pitch:
These completely awesome 1,000,000 Pilots shirts are high-quality, printed with bio-degradable, environmentally-friendly inks on 100% pre-shrunk cotton fabric. THEY EVEN HAVE YOUR CUSTOM TWITTER HANDLE ON THE BACK!!!! The incredibly collectable aviation designs are created and produced in the good ol' U.S. of A, so you are BUYING AMERICAN when you buy this shirt. I get no cut from these sales, your purchase is helping a very good aviation small business run by an awesome pilot to have a great month.
O.K., I am a realistic person, and it is probably a stretch to make @LarryOverstreet's idea of selling 1,000 of these shirts come true. I would be thrilled with 100 shirts sold, elated when 250 are sold, and my socks might get completely blown off when someone clicks BUY NOW on the 500th shirt.

But in any amount, if you are coming to AirVenture, go here and read what I am trying to do with Oshbash and the GA Power Collective...and then go here and buy your shirt. And even if you cannot attend the aviation world's annual family reunion, you are clear to buy one of these shirts, just because.

See you at Oshkosh. I'll be easy to spot on Tuesday. I'll be the #avgeek grinning wildly, wearing a blue "1,000,000 Pilots" shirt. Can't miss me...

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