Biggest Donation Yet for #Oshbash Raises the Bar Again

2:32 PM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

With this blog's annual #Oshbash meetup now just days away, once again, another aviation company has stepped up to support the concept of a collaboration between the major aviation associations as the path forward to 1,000,000 certified pilots. And with their donation of the biggest door prize yet, Aero Glass is giving you one more big reason to attend the event Airplanista is hosting on Tuesday, 5:30PM - 7:30PM in the Press Tent at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

Aero Glass - a startup that is working near the tip of the spear in terms of innovation - is developing a unique turnkey solution addressing pilots' need to properly visualize terrain, navigation, traffic (ADS-B), instrument, weather, and airspace information with access to vital safety procedures and protocols, without the requirement of inspecting instruments, phone or iPad. Using Epson Moverio, Google Glass and other Head-Mounted Displays, Aero Glass is the first to bring Augmented Reality to pilots providing an unparalleled 3D, 360° experience in the cockpit, regardless of the visibility.

This company is very happy to be involved with #Oshbash, and has donated a $700 pair of Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses, which is now the Grand Prize in our door prize drawing. (See below** for details on the drawing.)

Cameron Clarke, VP Business Development for Aero Glass said this about the donation:

Aero Glass is pleased to support the #Oshbash event and the GA Power Collective Panel Discussion because helping the General Aviation industry to grow is part of our mission. We provide technologies that make aviation safer by bringing affordable Synthetic Vision in Head Mounted Displays to the cockpit. We look forward to 1,000,000 GA pilots in the skies!
While still in development, this level of technology in the cockpit illustrates how far avionics have come, and points to where it is going. Here is the scoop on this product:
Aero Glass™ Augmented Reality Glasses for GA Pilots is the next big step in safety and information for pilots. Over the past decade, GA pilots’ ability to visualize terrain, navigation, traffic (ADS-B), weather, and airspace has become easier, along with improvements in convenience and safety items like emergency, preflight, inflight, and landing checklists. But handy as this information is, accessing it requires pilots to take their eyes off the sky, and often access multiple screens and devices.

As even a HUD (head-up display) is in a fixed location, Aero Glass has integrated all these functions, and made them available to pilots, wherever their head is turned, with 3D, 360-degree perspective, and is premiering its augmented vision glasses, wearable information for pilots. Using Epson Moverio™, Google Glass™ and other head-mounted displays, Aero Glass is the first to bring Augmented Reality to pilots, providing an unparalleled 3D, 360° experience in the cockpit, regardless of the visibility. This technology, previously available only in specialized military helmets, is now available to GA pilots, and at accessible prices.
Aero Glass is partnering with Levil Technology Corp., and Levil's General Manager Ananda Leon sums up their involvement:
"We at Levil Technology are excited to be part of the Augmented Reality concept that Aero Glass provides," Leon said. "The iLevil series revolutionized the role of tablets in the cockpit, placing essential flight information at the pilots’ fingertips. The fact that this information is now available in the pilots’ line of sight is simply breathtaking. Aero Glass unlocks unexplored opportunities in HEADS-UP technology for GA and takes your flying experience to the next level.”
Aero Glass will be selling a beta product at Oshkosh in Hangar A, space 1110, including a Show Special offer with discounted pricing and lifetime license for the first 200 folks who sign up and buy at the show. The company has a survey for pilots who want to be part of their Pioneer Beta Program. And even though the software is still being developed, the winner of the #Oshbash grand prize will still be able to use the Moverio smart glasses with other apps right away.

At #OSH14, the feature set being demonstrated by the Aero Glass team through the Epson Moverio Glasses includes Airports, Navigation Aids, ADS-B traffic, Flight Plan route & waypoints, Airways and Geographic points of interest (cities, villages, visual navigation points).

For more info on Aero Glass visit their website here or follow them during #OSH14 on Twitter as @AeroGlassware. Be sure to attend their Oshkosh Press Conference on Thursday, 7/31, at 3pm in the Press Tent.

**Drawing open to anyone attending the #Oshbash event, one ticket per attendee, no purchase necessary, must be present to win.

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