Full-tilt #Avgeekery on Display at AirVenture's Camp Bacon

8:40 AM

Adam Fast doing a bit of Python coding around the
Camp Bacon campfire. Photo: Damon Favor
By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

If you hang around this blog long enough or follow the #OSH14 feed on Twitter, you've no doubt heard of Camp Bacon...a growing encampment of #avgeeks that inhabits a large corner of Camp Scholler this time each year. There you find a celebration of airplanes, technology and the Sus scrofa domesticus.

To the rapidly growing community of #avgeeks on Twitter, Camp Bacon is the epicenter of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. It is the place where friends gravitate towards, and it's become the place to circle back to when tech-savvy aviators need to recharge their souls and their cell phones while participating in some VERY interesting conversations.

Last night after the Kenny Loggins opening day concert, Camp Bacon again started drawing back home the legions of #avgeeks that love the camp's vibe. As the campfire glowed - fed by some sort of alcoholic beverage being poured on the fire by one of the #avgeeks - the chairs were circled and the laughter and conversation began. And what happened was a priceless "Oshkosh moment" that could have only taken place inside this camp.

First, let me set the stage: 

After another challenging commercial flight to get to Appleton, WI airport on my way to AirVenture, I was picked up by Thomson Meeks (@THR_18 on Twitter) and his dad Tom, and we immediately headed direct to Ardy and Ed's Drive-in for some burger and Black Cow love. As we chowed down, I joked that Thomson - one of those young brilliant types who just "gets" tech in a way most in his generation can - could probably code an app while we were sitting at the dinner table. He laughed and said "you must have me confused me with Adam Fast (@adamcanfly) who REALLY knows how to code."

And he was right on with that comment. As I sat around the Camp Bacon fire with Fast and a number of other #avgeeks, the conversation centered around the trend that more and more aviation apps are all using names that were so similar. They seem to all start with "I-this" or "E-that" and we concluded that what needed to happen was for someone to create a way for new start-ups to quickly name their new apps. And then it happened... 

One of the #avgeeks joked that what we needed was a "aviation app random name generator"...so that with a mouse click, these start-ups could have their name determined for them. As we laughed at this silly notion, nobody noticed that Fast has vanished. But when he appeared back around the fire, he was holding his laptop and typing away calmly. No more than five minutes has passed before Fast debuted this exact random name generator, one he CODED on the fly using Python...in five minutes. We roared at the names Adam's generator produced, like "iPlanner Palooza" and "ePlan-o-matic."

This was one of those "Only at Oshkosh" moments that we #avgeeks will never forget. And it proved yet again that aviators are some of the best humans on this planet. And the subculture of that group, the #avgeeks, are even more friendly and more entertaining than the average run-of-the-mill aviator. These are my people, I am at home when surrounded by them. If you are at AirVenture, follow the #OSH14 hashtag for real-time information, and to learn why you too probably are an #avgeek, stop by Camp Bacon (corner of Lindbergh and Forest Home...look for the Airpigz red Chevy HHR) Wednesday 6PM - 8PM for the first 2014 Bacon Party. You will not regret it, I can guarantee that.

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