Airplanista has not gone quiet - I'm still writing, just catching more ink than pixels

8:23 PM

Writing the cover story for Cessna Flyer's
October, 2014 issue about Ramona "Skychick"
Cox and her backcountry flying was a high
point of my 2014 editorial calendar.
By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

The readers of this blog - which has been in continuous publication since 2005 - know that there are times when yours truly gets a bit sidetracked, creating gaps in the creation of my usual Airplanista content.

This is just such a time.

It's not that I'm not writing...quite the contrary. I am doing more aviation writing than ever right now, but they are paying gigs for five national aviation magazines. These assignments are taking up the time I've always spent writing for Airplanista, and anyone that knows about professional freelance writing knows that paying gigs are quite rare, so I must always place a higher priority on them than on cranking out content here.

So to try and explain that I have not is a quick run down of my current national writing assignments:
Aviation Group (Cessna Flyer and Piper Flyer Magazines): I currently write the Affirmative Attitude column for these two magazines, and the monthly assignment is one of the coolest things I do right now. The column highlights people in our aviation family that do great things to advocate for GA, or to help the greater good of humanity. These 1,000-to-1,200 word columns are a blast to pen, and I feel that I sort of own this niche now. Each month, I shine a pretty big spotlight on very cool people that use their flying skills, their airplanes or just their free time to give back in ways that really contribute to pushing GA forward. I also write numerous features for these magazines - almost one a month on average - including As Big as The Sky Itself about Ramona Cox.

AOPA Pilot Magazine: I have written for Tom Haines and AOPA Pilot for almost a decade, with a nice portfolio of features catching their very important ink. Today, I have been producing some 800-ish word news pieces for their Pilot Briefing section. Great gig, awesome people, and I hope this assignment never ends. I would not be surprised to see a feature in there in 2015...just need to pitch Tom and his sidekick, Ian Twombly the perfect story.

EAA Sport Aviation Magazine: I recently wrote a really detailed feature for this excellent magazine on John Stahr, one of the aviation world's most prolific airbrush painters. John - who happens to be a hangar mate of mine at KEUG - paints completely insane airbrush scenes on everything from RV's (flying and rolling) to Falcon 900's. I really enjoyed working with the EAA staff on this one, and as they are in the middle of a change of command at the helm of their magazines, I have no idea what the future holds. But I feel confident that if the right experimental story comes my way, I will see more of their ink in 2015.

HAI's Rotor Magazine: I wrote a pair of "Sector Profiles" for Helicopter Aviation International's flagship magazine including a cover story on fighting wildfires with rotorcraft, and I hear from them they are not through with me yet. Their staff is very good to work with...a fine association. Expect a few more of these sector profiles from me in this magazine in the future.
That is the list of current publications accepting my work. It keeps my editorial calendar full, but there is always room for more. I'm constantly on the hunt for new features, and have set a goal to add one more publication to this list in 2015. I am now reading Plane and Pilot every month, learning their content needs, and will continue to pitch their Editor stories that I feel would be awesome on their pages. Hasn't happened yet, but it will.

I am also looking at expanding my role as a tourism/travel writer, but that sector is jammed with writers, so breaking in is tough...but not impossible. 2015 is a blank sheet of paper for me at this point...what I will be doing and who I will be writing for is anyone's guess.

So, never give up on Airplanista, it is just sitting at the hold short line for a while. I do accept guest blogger posts, so shoot me an email if you have some writing experience and something to say.

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