My Seven Magazine Editors Crave Fresh Content - Send me Your Feature Article Ideas Now!

11:31 AM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

Those of you who have followed my aviation writing career know it has experienced tremendous growth recently. Even though I began my freelance writing career in 1979, it took until 2014 to break into the big aviation magazines on a regular basis as a feature writer and columnist.


I had a few very nice features years ago in AOPA Pilot Magazine thanks to the support of their Editor, Tom Haines, but it was Jen Dellenbusch - Editor of Cessna Flyer and Piper Flyer Magazines - that cut me the break I needed when she picked up my Affirmative Attitude monthly column to run in both of her association's magazines. I have also enjoyed an explosion of interest from AOPA Pilot Magazine, EAA Sport Aviation Magazine, and HAI's Rotor Magazine. All are running my features now...and as a result, I am slammed with deadlines.

This is where YOU come in.
I am actively soliciting story ideas from anyone with an aviation story to tell. Maybe it's a great vintage airplane that you have restored, one a spectacular history, or the guy at the airport that just happens to be Boeing's 747 test pilot. Could be that rich guy on your field who just cashed in his billion-dollar corporate 401K and is now financing flight training for 100 local teens. There are endless aviation feature stories swirling all around every aviator, and I need you to send me anything you think would be great content for any of the magazines I write for these days.
No idea is too far out. Just hit the giant EMAIL ME YOUR STORY IDEAS link at the top of this post and tell me your idea. I may be able to find a home for it, or know of a way to angle it so one of the magazines can use it in print and on their website. With five magazines listening to my pitches - plus my popular Airplanista blog - I have a constant need to "feed the machine" as I call it. It only takes a minute to email me with an idea, and I will reply promptly with my opinion of what I may be able to do with it to gain that story some national magazine ink. If it has no chance of making it out of the "pitch phase" I will tell you honestly.

If you want to share this post with anyone, simply copy the URL below or use the share buttons below. I hope to hear your ideas soon. I cannot guarantee that one of the magazines will accept it for print or if I will choose to pitch it to them, but I promise to listen to your story idea and give it careful consideration.

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