A Look at the 2015 #Oshbash Guests

5:06 PM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

Yes aviation friends, it's just about that time of the year again, when we descend into usually sleepy Oshkosh, Wisconsin to celebrate all that is wonderful about our aviation world. We'll come by the hundreds of thousands from all parts of the globe to eat, drink, shop, gawk and meet back up with our friends and family at aviation's biggest and most important family reunion.
And if this is Oshkosh season, it has to also be #Oshbash season too. I'm really looking forward to making this year's event more social, less structured, and will be sure you have plenty of time to mingle and meet other #avgeeks you've seen on Twitter.

#Oshbash has lined up six very cool guests, and I have written recent Affirmative Attitude columns about most of them. You'll hear them speak about their GA advocacy and volunteerism work, and have a chance to ask some audience questions. Here's a few words on each:

Joseph Vazquez
Major General Joseph "Joe" Vazquez - As National Commander and CEO of Civil Air Patrol, Joe knows a thing or two about pulling in volunteers to help with CAP missions. He knows that the time of CAP's volunteer pilots and non-flying staff is valuable, and he knows how to get the most out of CAP's pilots with standardized training. I'll be asking him about the time commitments to become a CAP pilot, and also how the average pilot can learn from the training and certification they receive as they work towards the right seat of a CAP Cessna 182 Skylane.
Katie Meyer
Katie Meyer, EAA Airventure Volunteer Manager - As we arrive at KOSH, we'll see the work of 5,000 EAA volunteers everywhere we look at AirVenture. It's a huge job each spring and summer to thaw the place out, pull everything back out of storage, and prep the show grounds for a week of going "full-immersion" into airplane heaven. I'll want to know how this massive volunteer team is put together, and how each volunteer's talents are put to specific use as an entire city is built each summer. This should be a great segment, and we are lucky to have Katie for a short time, given the magnitude of her work during show week.

Ryan Pemberton - In the world of aircraft restoration, it does not get any better than Pemberton and Sons Aviation in Spokane, WA. Along with his father, Addison, and a big crew of
Ryan Pemberton
volunteers, the Pembertons are responsible for doing exceptional work to keep these vintage airplanes flying. I'll be asking Ryan about his volunteers and how the shop manages to balance work, life, family while carving out time for restoration work. Pemberton is also a very good photographer, and I will be asking him about backstory of how he set up a shoot with the family 1928 Boeing 40C and a 787 Dreamliner. 
Martha Phillips - In her role as International President of The Ninety Nines, Martha works hard to
Martha Phillips
try and solve the biggest riddle facing GA...how we get more women to start flying. It is my opinion that The Ninety Nines is an underutilized asset in this quest to move the female pilot numbers north of six percent, and I'll be asking what the organization will be doing in the future to work towards that goal. She is also generous with her time to support #Oshbash, and was on the GA Power Collective panel last year. When she left that event, she said if I ever wanted help with anything, just name the place and time. Now THAT is an Affirmative Attitude!

Patrick Lofvenholm
- As a volunteer pilot for Pilots N Paws Pet Rescue Service, Patrick will be able to tell us just how important the work is that he and fellow PNP pilots perform. They burn their own gas and devote their free time
Patrick Lofvenholm
to save pets that are more than likely going to be euthanized. If you are a pet lover - especially if you have dogs - you'll want to hear how PNP puts their pilot crew together, and what joy comes from the delivery of each rescued pet.

Mark Spencer, Founder and CEO of FlyQuest - Mark will tell us about the work FlyQuest is doing with their custom "six degrees of freedom" simulator. If you think
Mark Spencer
having a sim is no big deal, you'll want to hear what Spencer and FlyQuest does with theirs. Trust me, it is a cool story. I'll be asking Mark about the present and future of FlyQuest, and I'm sure you'll be entertained and educated when his segment ends.
So as you add events into your EAA AirVenture app (iOS and Android versions available) make sure to go to the "Attractions" screen, click "Meet and Greet" at the bottom of the sections, and then scroll to the end of "Tuesday, July 21st" to find the 2015 Airplanista #Oshbash event way at the bottom. It is 5:30P - 7:30P in the Press Tent - to find it, head to the tower and walk outbound on the 025 radial...big air-conditioned white tent full of #avgeeks...can't miss it. Come early if you want a chair as it is usually SRO.

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