'Katy' Can Haul the Goods and Would Look Great in Your Hangar

10:28 PM

By Dan Pimentel, 
Airplanista Blog Editor

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In October of 2007, my business was rocking and I needed a convenient way to get from my office in Oregon to see clients in Central and Southern California. Of course, knowing the many time-saving benefits of flying a private aircraft, I wrote the check and acquired my Piper Cherokee 235, a.k.a. "Katy" or N8527W to the FAA.

Now, it is 2015, and the focus of my business has shifted, thus changing my mission profile for the plane. As a result, it makes less sense to own a plane that can seriously haul 930 lbs. of payload after tankering 84 gallons of full fuel.

Now about that payload...
Tied down at Reedley Municipal Airport after
a long but comfortable XC from Oregon
Not long after we acquired Katy, we flew her from my office in Eugene, Oregon to Reedley Municipal Airport just east of Fresno, CA to shoot a television commercial. On board were myself and my Managing Partner, Julie Celeste, two actors, all our bags for a four-day trip, all my camera gear, and assorted other bags, backpacks etc. I carefully calculated the weight and balance, and determined that I still had plenty of weight available to fill the tanks. We topped off Katy's two main and two tip tanks, programmed the GPS with a few waypoints and launched. Four hours later, we touched down, after a pleasant long XC that was only hampered by some crazy/gusty/wind shear(ish) winds going through Siskiyou Pass near Mt. Shasta. I let one of the actors - Michael Patrick Connolly - fly through there as he has always wanted to fly, and even with never flying the plane before, he did a great job to keep her wings level and her airspeed out of the red arc. To be able to fly right into the airport we were filming at was golden, no rental car needed, no lost baggage, and for far less than it would have cost all of us to fly commercial. This is what private aircraft ownership can do for you.
Two-seven Whiskey has a very clean low-time Lycoming 0-540
The Piper Aircraft Co. created the Cherokee 235 to compete directly with the Cessna 182 Skylane in terms of fuel burn and weight it can haul. My 235 is the 26th one ever made, and Piper did it by marrying a Cherokee Six wing to a 180 fuselage and wedging a Lycoming 0-540 under the cowl producing 235 ponies. The result is a plane that lifts more than you would expect, with a W/B envelope that is so crazy wide, while not impossible, it's hard to get in trouble. In fact, the guy I bought Katy from used to fly with Doctors Without Borders into Mexico, and they always filled the baggage compartment with case after case of heavy liquid medicines, and it STILL was inside the W/B envelope.

So the time has come to sell Katy and move on to what is next. In a used airplane market that is in favor of the buyer, I've been dropping the price over the last few months, and today's asking of $49,900 is a tremendous discount off the AOPA vRef estimate of $61,310 (as of 03.15.15). Katy has the cleanest low-time 0-540 you will ever see, with compressions that were just tested at 74-79 on all cylinders. I've replaced just about everything that can be replaced, had every AD taken care of, and have even made PDFs of every log book page all the way back to the factory.

N8527W is ready to fly to your home field
She is going to make someone a very comfortable airplane, if their mission requires them to haul four people and fly non-stop probably farther than your bladder can stand. She is not ADS-B 2020 compliant, and while she has an older GPS that works fine for VFR flight, a serious IFR pilot will want to use the money they save on my asking price to upgrade the panel to 2020 standards with a good WAAS GPS.

If you need a good hauler that cruises in the 145-150 mph range and trues at about 121 knots on 11-12 gph fuel burn, you have probably looked at many Skylanes. But for $25,000 less or more...sometimes a LOT more...buy my airplane, sweeten the panel and you're good to go. And you'll have several grand still in the bank to finance your future flying.

A PDF outlining the selling points of Katy can be found here and if you want to see more photos, view a photo gallery here or download an 18MB ZIP here.

If this looks like the plane for you, give me a call ASAP at 541-344-2301 or email me here.

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