Win a Copy of This Incredible Book on Aircraft Carriers!

1:52 PM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

UPDATE: We have a winner, Jennifer A. of Ohio. Thanks to all who sent in their stories of what aircraft carriers mean to them.

Keep watching Airplanista as this publisher should be making more books available for giveaways - Av8rdan

I get quite a few aviation books across my desk to be "reviewed" but seldom to I find any as good as the ones being published these days by The Quarto Group/Zenith Press. So far, everything they send for me to look at is of superb quality in both content and print quality.

The most recent book from them I'm reading is Aircraft Carriers: The Illustrated History of the World's Most Important Warships by Michael E. Haskew. If you like these incredible ships (floating airports really), you will love every page of this book.

Haskew does an amazing job of describing all aircraft carriers from 1907-present, fully illustrated with great historical photographs on every page. What is cool is that the author gives detailed captions for each photograph, a point sometimes missed by some authors and editors.

The stories of these massive ships are told in very eloquent writing by Haskew, who obviously knows this topic well. The book is filled with "inside baseball" facts, figures and backstories of how the aircraft carriers from around the world were built, how they fared in battle, and what aircraft they handled. It is one book that will stay in your collection long after others have been sent off to Good Will.

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