Another Great Book Giveaway from Airplanista and Zenith Press

7:13 PM

Update: We have winner! Leigh Ann C. of Ohio will receive her copy of this awesome book.

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

Airplanista is again teaming up with Zenith Press to give readers of this blog a chance to be sent a free copy of another excellent aviation hardcover book. Just fill out the form at the end of this post, and I will select the winning entry next Friday, March 25th.

Winners of these giveaways are determined by who I feel best answers the question in the form below, and they are judged "blind," meaning I look at the answers and after I choose the winner, I look at the emails to contact that person.

This book is "The Big Book of X-Bombers and X-Fighters" by Steve Pace, and it is very, very cool read. Valued at $40, Pace's words are coupled with gorgeous historical images on every page, much like all the great aviation books being produced by Zenith Press right now.

If you are unfamiliar, the "X" in the title is for "experimental" and Pace looks at all of the USAF jet-powered aircraft and their propulsive systems since 1942. Let's take a quick look at some of the material:
Pace opens this 360-page work by explaining in detail the first experimental flights of Bell's XP-59 Aircomet jet, telling us about the secretive project that was conducted at North Base, part of California's Muroc Army Air Field. The author takes you through the complete history of this - and every other USAF "X" jet - in page after page of statistics, stories and swagger. He doesn't let you catch your breath when he rolls right into the amazing tale of Jack Northrup's XP-79B rocket-powered flying wing, and continues through chapters called Fire The Up!, Trials and Tribulations, the Century Series of jets, Supersonic Wonders and Doublesonic Sensations, Triplesonic Marvels, Stealth Bombers and Fighters, closing with The Long-Range Strike Bomber and Next-Generation Air Dominance Fighter.
The foreward, by USAF Col. (retired) Walter J. Boyne, explains the painstaking research that went in to this book. As to the "hand" of this book (what it feels like in your hands), it is as good as any I have reviewed recently from Zenith Press. High quality heavy stock, excellent craftsmanship, and superb print quality which makes the photos pop like they should.
If you want this $40 book for $26.57, click here to order on Amazon. But if you want a shot at your own free copy shipped to you by the publisher, fill in this simple form and check back here on Airplanista Friday, May 25th when I announce the winner.

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