Book Giveaway: Need to Change the Oil on Your Saturn Rocket? We've Got Your Covered!

7:32 PM

Congratulations to Tracy L. of NY, winner of this book. Keep watching Airplanista for more fun book giveaways.

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

In my continuing series of Zenith Press book giveaways, we are changing it up a bit this time around. Instead of the gorgeous "coffee table" books that this publisher has provided in the last few giveaways, this one is a, a LOT...offbeat.

If you have been around cars, or anyone who works on them, you probably have heard of the Haynes Owners Workshop Manuals. They have been produced since 1965 in the U.K., and if you need a manual on how to tear down and rebuild your 1956 Morris Minor 1000 they have a manual for that.

They also produce some manuals for such unexpected things like an "Owner's Workshop Manual" for the HMS Titanic or one for the Millennium Falcon, the iconic spaceship piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca in the original trilogy of Star Wars films.

Now, Airplanista readers can get a glimpse inside the inner workings of the Apollo 11 mission, which put our astronauts on the Moon for the first time. This Haynes Manual covers the Saturn Rockets used, the Command and Service Modules, Guidance and navigation systems, the Lunar Module, the spacesuits, and how communications were achieved between the Moon and Earth.

While this might not be the lush, exquisitely printed books I've given away recently on Airplanista, it is by far the most interesting if you are a space or NASA fan. Full of illustrations, charts, parts lists and historical data on every part of the mission, it will keep those who love anything space-related enthralled for hours. You will NOT be able to put it down.

If you dig on detailed engineering drawings of the Command Module, or want to know what every switch, knob, dial, gauge or lever is for inside the LEM, this is the book for you. Just answer the following question, and if your answer is selected this Friday, May 20, the publisher will ship a copy to your door. That way, you'll be set when the LEM breaks down and you need to swap out the Flux Capacitor with one from the NAPA store downtown next to the Dairy Queen.

You can buy a copy if this fun yet super-informative book on Amazon.

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