Book Review & Giveaway: Boeing B-29 Superfortress Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual

5:18 PM

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By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

In my continuing series on this great line of aviation books from Zenith Press, it seemed only fitting in honor of Fifi coming to #OSH16 (and maybe Doc?) that I'd review this incredible Hayne's Manual for one of aviation's most iconic airplanes. See the end of this post to find out how you can win a copy.
When Boeing's test pilot Eddie Allen took off for the first test flight of the Superfortress on 21 September, 1942, everyone involved in the program knew this airplane would be a game changer. And that it was, right up until 5 August, 1945 when Colonel Paul Tibbets and crew launched Enola Gay late at night for a bombing raid over Japan that led to the surrender of that country and the end of the war on 2 September, 1945.
I know this because while this beautifully-illustrated Haynes Manual gives the reader an enormous amount of technical information about the B-29, it also goes through - in great detail - the development of the Superfortress. You'll read about the strategies of how the airplane was built, how it was used in combat, how it was flown, and everything you'll ever want to know about every inch of the plane.
Written by Chris Howlett for Haynes, this book looks at the "Anatomy" of the B-29, from fuselage, engines, flight controls and crew protection right through to describing - again in great detail - the complexities of changing weight and balance characteristics as a whole lot of bombs were falling out of the belly. Continue on to a chapter on "Flying the B-29" and learn just what it takes in all phases of flight to get this mammoth bomber off the ground, keep it in the air, and return (hopefully) to base to do it all again. One particularly intriguing chapter on "Maintaining the B-29" describes how crews - working in often harsh South Pacific conditions - kept the mighty Wright Cyclone R-3350 engines running, and how much work went in to prepping the airplane for a bombing mission.
If you have ever been in awe of Fifi at Oshkosh, this book is for you. The only thing better than possibly winning a copy by answering the question below to enter is to dream of maybe seeing Doc do a flyover off Fifi's wing this summer at AirVenture.
I will be selecting the winner of this drawing on Friday, June 17, and if your answer is selected, the publisher will ship a copy directly to you. If you do not win, you can buy a copy of this great hardcover book on Amazon by clicking here. Only your email is required, I never share them with anyone, and they are deleted at the conclusion of the drawing.

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