Another Airplansta Book Giveaway Highlights Lockheed Martin's Secretive Skunk Works

3:31 PM

By Dan Pimentel,

Airplanista Blog Editor

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The quality of the aviation books that comes off the presses at Voyaguer Press, aka, just blows my mind. Examined strictly in technical print terms, they are beautiful examples of what happens when the Author, Art Department, Editors, Pre-press and Press Operator work in perfect unison. Well-optimized imagery and concise text printed on extremely high-quality stock, perfectly-bound and coffee-table ready.

Each page of late author Steve Pace's new work "The Projects of Skunk Works: 75 Years of Lockheed Martin's Advanced Development Programs" is loaded with incredibly clear imagery and plenty of "inside baseball" details, presented in chronological fashion to take you through the story from start to finish.
In case you are not quite sure what the Skunk Works was, here's the down-low from the book jacket:

Launched in 1943 to develop a turbo-powered jet fighter that could counter the growing German jet menace, Lockheed Martin's Advanced Developments Projects (ADP) would survive the war and go on to create many of aviation's most mind-bending aircraft and technologies. ADP would also become best known by another name...Skunk Works. Largely the brainchild of Lockheed designer Clarence "Kelly" Johnson, Skunk Works was built as a nimble organization functioning in a cloak-and-dagger world if handshake deals that skirted leviathan government bureaucracies. In this massive new illustrated history, late author Steve Pace lifts the veil and examines every known Skunk Works project, beginning with the XP-80 that started it all and continuing through jet fighters and jet engines, missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles, a lighter-that-air ship, an oceangoing vessel...over 80 projects in all are detailed.

Served up in chapters broken down by decade, each new section reveals more about what happened in the secretive Skunk Works. It begins in the 1940s with the XP-38 and YP-38 Lightening and XF-90 Penetration Fighter, and continues in the 1950s with the X-7A Flying Stovepipes, XQ-5 Kingfisher and the U-2 Aquatone project, with that chapter concluding with a look at the Corona Reconnaissance Satellite System. Each chapter has a long list of detailed looks at the advanced aircraft of that time, with highlights including the RQ-3 DarkStar, the SR-71 Senior Crown project, the X-24C Hypersonic Research Airplane, and the QSST Quiet Supersonic Transport project as must-read entries.
Just like all books in this continuing series, the publisher will ship a brand new copy to the winner I select. To enter, just answer the question below. If your answer is picked on Friday, January 6, expect a package from the publisher in your mailbox. And if you simply cannot wait, go here and purchase this incredible book, you will not be disappointed.

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