My #OSH17 By The Numbers: 105 Sweet Hours

10:37 PM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor
I am going to let my readers in on a little secret. At every Oshkosh I have attended since 2003, I have kept a tiny, microscopic, itty-bitty mainframe computer in my shoe that has been keeping incredibly detailed records of everything I see and do there. An embedded microchip in my head is connected to this really miniscule supercomputer by the cloud, and this set-up has allowed me to keep track of each Oshkosh…by the numbers.
So each year about this time, I yank the computer out of my Keens and run some calculations, to get a handle on just what fun is in store at this year’s Oshkosh. I have sifted through 45,7223,820,221 lines of code, and what follows are my expert modeling runs of what my #OSH17 will look like…by the numbers.

• Number of hours (trip, departure from KEUG to departure from KATW): 105
• Times my knees will get jammed into the airline seat in front of me: 12

• Average speed I will ask the #avgeek that picks me up at KATW to drive going to Ardy and Ed’s upon arrival on Sunday night: 94.2 mph

• Number of people in line checking into the dorms: 358

• Hours wasted sleeping: 24

• Meals consumed: 12

• Combined weight of bacon and pancakes devoured at UWO dorm breakfast buffet: 62.822 lbs.

• Number of people jammed into the Oshkosh City bus riding to the show in the morning: 267.2

• Miles it takes to walk from the Bus Park to the Media Quonset hut to retrieve credentials and back to show: 2,311

• Number of times I will run into Glen Towler walking around the show: 16

• Quantity of P-51 Mustangs I will see fly: 31

• Times I will wish I were in one of those 31 P-51s: 31

• Percentage chance of me snagging a ride with Sean D. Tucker: .000000000001%

• Number of brats consumed: 2

• Miles walked: 39.3

• Tram Rides: 12

• Number of Blue Angels performances viewed: 0

• Oshkosh moments where I just stop and am in awe of my surroundings: 45,559

• Number of times I will hear the word “Bacon”: 4,227

• Amount of cool #avgeeks I will run into that I did not know were coming: 12

And last:

Number of years I plan to attend this show in the future: 39* (*based on 100-year life span)

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