Possible #Avgeek Road Trip to Our Annual Family Reunion

6:47 PM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

Those who know me are aware that we sold our 1964 Piper Cherokee 235 in May, 2016, and I am currently not flying. I do get the occasional chance to work on my Passenger Rating flying right seat with members of my EAA Chapter 1457, but I have not occupied a left seat in far too long.
As a certified, card-carrying #avgeek though, not flying at the present time is perfectly fine. I tell people I am “between airplanes” and will never close the door entirely to owning again or flying regularly. It’s just that as I approach retirement, I am banking every dime I can find to check out of the daily rat race and start enjoying life on my terms.
I was recently reminded just how tight the family of #avgeeks is when I mentioned on Twitter that for sure, I will be attending EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, a.k.a. #OSH18. No sooner than I tweeted that I want to make it a longer visit than my three days in 2017, a fellow #avgeek invited me to carpool with him into the show from his home near St. Louis, MO. The idea intrigued me, if only for avoiding KORD on the inbound trip, which is notorious for screwing with my Oshkosh plans.
See here’s the deal about #avgeeks: I have known @derekwthomas only on Twitter, and have never met him in person. But I know that anyone who has “#avgeek” in his Twitter profile is going to be my kind of people because we #avgeeks are all wired the same. He will be crazy in love with flying machines, and be amped up and excited about going to Oshkosh. That is all I need to know, because I know 10,000 #avgeeks just like him, and every one of them are very cool humans who are dedicated to promoting and supporting general and business aviation in whatever way they can. I am not even sure he is a pilot, and that does not matter. I can guarantee you that our road trip to the Land of Cheese and Airplanes will be a few hours of quality time spent discussing everything that we #avgeeks discuss when rolling down the interstate.
This is why I am always so proud to call myself an #avgeek, a tight-knit family of aviators and enthusiasts that cherish airplanes as much as they do technology. We think the same, and it does not matter which one you are talking to, the chatter will be extremely enjoyable.
So while nothing is cast in stone yet, my initial plan is to fly into St. Louis Lambert International Airport (KSTL), meet up with “D-Tom” and blast off on about a 020 northbound heading at 2 AGL, with the final destination being the dorms at University of Wisconsin. I am sure I will have a lot to discuss, as his profile says he is a “foodie” and #weatherjunkie who helps restaurants with many issues including marketing. I like food, am also a WX junkie, and know a few things about marketing. The only problem about driving the last leg into this wonderful show will be to keep the guy in the left seat from blowing by the County Mounties at 105 KIAS.
You are going to AirVenture this year, right? RIGHT? It does not matter if you are a pilot, an enthusiast like @Jen_Niffer, or just think airplanes are cool. Maybe you are a student interested in using your STEM skills to build a career in the aviation/aerospace industry, or a young CFI trying to land your first job with the airlines. The reasons we go to “Oshkosh” are varied, but the bottom line is if this event is anywhere near your wheelhouse, you need to be there. Read the latest news on the show here, or just jump in and buy your tickets here.
And if come next July, if you get dusted by a speeding car with Missouri plates and an EAA bumper sticker blasting north up interstate 55 at twice the speed of sound, those two dudes yakking away the miles inside...that just might be us.

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