Those ‘Oshkosh Moments’ Stay With You for Life (Part 3 of 10)

7:27 PM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

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O.K., sure, I write about Oshkosh a lot here on Airplanista. I’ve you’ve been to the show, you know why. If you have never been to the World’s Largest Aviation Celebration, you may not be able to understand how this show stays with you all year, and the memories you make there stay with you for life. It got me thinking about some of those cherished “Oshkosh Moments” I have experienced over the years. 

So if you are not yet oversaturated on me writing about Oshkosh, here’s another installment of my Top 10 list:

8. Watching Adam Fast code around the campfire at Camp Bacon (2014) – So here we were, a bunch of #avgeeks sitting around the campfire in Camp Bacon, talking about the awesome day we all just had. Someone mentioned that when strolling the exhibit hangars, they noticed all the aviation apps had names that were starting to blend together and sound alike. One of the #avgeeks said that what the app developers really needed was a “Random Aviation App Name Generator” to choose their names, you know like so many “name generators” we see on the web.

One of the #avgeeks in the circle was Adam Fast, a very skilled and prolific developer and coder. As were all laughing at this preposterous idea, Adam disappeared, and returned a moment later with his Macbook pro laptop. We continued to play with this ridiculous idea while Adam punched keys on his Mac, not saying a word. In like five minutes, he finally said he had just coded this exact random aviation app name generator in Python, while sitting around a campfire in the middle of what is a vacant Wisconsin dirt field 51 weeks out of the year. With a few clicks, he started rattling off crazy aviation app names from some name lists he somehow acquired on the fly. Each had three words, so we all busted a gut laughing at names like “Wingman Flyer Pro,” “Logbook Cloud Scope,” “Extreme Flight Calculator,” or “Radar Pilot Mobile,”…you get the picture. 

It was hilarious, a classic Oshkosh moment. Great things happen around that campfire ring in Camp Bacon. It is and will always be the epicenter of my trip to this great show. Sure, I never expected someone to be coding in Python by the amber glow of the evening’s fire, but in this setting, with so many #avgeeks present, somehow it just felt right.

Stay tuned here for another installment of this series in the coming days.

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