When it Comes to Weight Loss, Your Body is More Like a Warehouse Than a Temple

8:37 AM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor
(Editor’s note - This post begins a slightly different vector for Airplanista where I will start adding in some topics other than just all aviation all the time.)
When it comes to weight loss - and keeping that weight off - there are seemingly 1,000s of methods, diets, fads, plans and programs to try and accomplish your goals. Dropping a few pounds and keeping them off is however just not that difficult, once you understand Av8rdan’s Warehouse Diet Plan.
If you have ever worked in shipping and receiving, the visualization required to understand this post will come easy. If you’ve never set foot on a loading dock, just open your mind and let your imagination run wild, it will be a fun ride.
Weight loss and maintenance really only comes down to one thing, energy management. Food (energy) comes in, and that energy is burned by your body throughout your day. It is not rocket science. The trick is to understand the correlation between what comes in and what goes out.
So let’s start with the “warehouse” set-up. There are 10 loading dock doors where semi-trucks arrive and depart, a large “floor” area just behind those doors where goods are off-loaded awaiting shipment, and the rest of the cavernous building is made up of warehouse racks to house pallets of the excess food you eat.
Your day starts with a giant full-course breakfast, the whole nine yards, eggs, bacon, potatoes, and toast with plenty of butter and jam. Imagine after you eat this that two semis arrive in receiving each carrying 28 pallets in their 53’ trailers, and a crew of forklift drivers unloads the 48 pallets of food energy. They are placed on the floor to await shipment back out.
As your body moves during your office job, energy has to be loaded onto other semis, but sitting in your cubicle only needs maybe six pallets of energy. So there remains 42 pallets waiting for a forklift to move them. Lunch rolls around, and you scarf a big burrito with the pals, which generates another semi of food energy, another 28 pallets. They join the 42 already on the floor, so now you have 70 pallets waiting. You burn another six pallets in the afternoon, and after an early departure from the office, stop off at the gym and burn a whopping 24 pallets more. So that 70 pallets on the floor is now just 40 pallets.
Dinner rolls around and since you were at the gym, you are starved and get a big, cheesy pizza, which ads another 28 pallets to the floor from the truck that just backed into door number 3 in receiving. The rest of the night is spent in front of your laptop wasting time on Facebook and Instagram, which only shaves six more pallets off the floor total, so there are now 62 pallets of food energy waiting to be moved. You head to bed, and the forklift crew’s shift is almost done. But before they can clock out, the boss – we’ll call him Hank - says all remaining pallets must be put away in the racks so the floor is clear for the next day’s shipments. In a sea of activity, every available forklift racks those pallets before the lights in the warehouse go dim, ready for tomorrow.
Well, friends, those racks represent the fatty areas on your body, the ones you hate seeing in the mirror. The more racked energy stored there, the more you resemble Chubby Hugs, the rotund cat from the “Get Fuzzy” comic strip.
Now let’s look at a different scenario, the one that will help you lose weight and keep it off.
The day starts with a small, sensible breakfast that generates just six pallets inbound in receiving. As you work, and since these forklift drivers are lazy and take the path of least resistance, they will grab those floor pallets of energy first to load out in shipping. You have a salad for lunch – another six pallets comes in – and burn those six in the afternoon. A 5KM run after work requires shipment of 20 pallets of energy, but the floor is clear. So the forklift drivers have no choice but to pull down those 20 pallets from the racks where they are being stored as fat. A respectable dinner of fresh meat, fruit and veggies brings in another 12 pallets, and you burn six before bead playing with the kids. By fasting for 12 hours, another six pallets gets consumed, so at the end of the shift, the floor is clear, not like yesterday when 62 pallets off excess food energy were racked.
You can see clearly now that as the days progress, by eating light and right and getting plenty of movement and exercise, eventually the racks - your stored body fat - will be depleted. That brings you to the maintenance portion of my plan, where you balance what comes in with what goes out, with the goal to be at net zero pallets by bedtime. See…not rocket science.
I have lost about 30 pounds recently and am keeping it off by understanding how my body warehouses excess food energy as fat. You can too, but first you have to think like a Teamster and understand how your internal shipping and receiving dock works.
Gotta run now, I hear a Peterbilt backing in to door four, so I need to fire up the Hyster and get after it, because Bubba has another load to go pick up, and I really do hope it is tacos.

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