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Aerobatic superstar Sean D. Tucker speaks at the EAA Young Eagle Dinner on Wednesday night
By Derek Thomas,
Airplanista Food and Entertainment Editor

For me, #OSH19 ended today. I’m leaving tomorrow at Oh-Dark-Thirty for the trek home. Yes, I’m driving, dang it - but there will be a couple of airport stops along the way to check out their food scene, if not to just catch some home-bound Oshkosh aircraft .

I will be taking many memories with me. The two hours I spent at FISK over two days - oh my, those pros are totally amazing, and if you are ever looking for some Airventure entertainment, I guarantee FISK has it all. Airplanes. Really, REALLY “Live ATC”, with some wing-rocking aerobatics (some pilots, I swear, rocked all but 90 degrees!) and a conga line of aircraft landing lights and wig-wags as far one could see.
The highly professional "Pink Shirts" at FAA FISK Arrival, a temporary "tower' a few miles SW of KOSH.
Walking around Boeing Plaza - where do I even start? UPS’s 748 was incredible to walk under and around. I haven’t felt that small since I was in the building where she was built, some 30- ish years ago. And a Beechcraft Starship - there to honor the inventive mind of Burt Rutan - again sparking a past memory of when I was on the GA ramp at ATL as one came in.

The amazing flyovers, the roar of warbirds both in the airshows and just flying over in formations. FIREWORKS! United’s 787 landing short just a few hundred yards in front of me, and taxing within 25 yards of me. (FYI - that is one QUIET jet!). Hanging at the “position and hold” point for 36 Left. LSA aircraft taking off in about the distance I could run, if I had a 20 yard head start.

Touring the D-Day Squadron C-47’s and DC-3’s - the fabulous goonie-birds - of which one in particular touched my heart. That’s All Brother has my father’s name engraved on a seat plaque, honoring his service. Finding it, sitting by it - well, it was a moment. Miss you pops!

There were other special moments as well. Ever hear of this guy Sean D. Tucker? Well, whoever the heck he is (wink!), he is one dynamic speaker. Attended a fabulous EAA Young Eagles event (and if you aren’t involved, now’s a good time to start!) where he spoke, among many others.

I could go on with many, many things I did and saw - but all of us there for the show did many, many things. However, I was struck again, and again and again by the people. Arbitrary people, my Tweeps, my Podcasting hosts, my blogging acquaintances - people on the trams, people walking by - people gawking at the same thing I was. It well and truly was family.

As I start to organize the chaos of my dorm room for the morning departure, I’m thinking of all the places, the aircraft, the exhibits and people I did NOT get to visit. I was well and truly completely unprepared for the size and scope of Airventure. I’d been warned. I’d been told. I’d “believed” it. But the reality is 50 times the imagined sprawl. Oh well, there’s always next year, eh?

See you here!

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