Time to Pull the Plug on Airplanista (for now)

5:08 PM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Blog Editor

I have been writing this blog since 2005 and it's been a fun ride. However, it has come to my attention that for various reasons, Airplanista may be past its expiration date, and now seems like a good time to park it in the hangar.

I've been a paid freelance writer since 1979, and right now is the busiest I have ever been in all those decades. I am loving the pace of writing for a major aviation magazine and major aviation association, plus still doing my work as Creative Director at my ad agency + a good amount of professional photography. While it is super cool to have a lot on my plate, something has to give, and when bandwidth is limited, it seemed this blog was producing the least amount of ROI.

Airplanista has always been only a hobby for me, except for the 14 issues I tried to produce it as a digital magazine in 2010-11. Even during that time I have never made a dime off of the 1,000s of posts I have written.

One big thing that has prompted this - other than lack of time to produce content - is the platform it runs on, blogger.com. To say blogger.com is past its prime is an understatement, as modern CMS systems like Wordpress have left it in the dust years ago. I have been in need of migrating it for years, but with so much content now indexed with unique URLs, migrating to Wordpress and not breaking those links is a nearly impossible task.

As the amount of content across the Internet has exploded in recent years, my traffic to Airplanista has languished. Subscriptions to my "fresh content" emails has been stuck at 390 for probably three YEARS. Daily traffic some days is in the single digits. If I were getting influencer-sized traffic, sure, carving out the time for a big, active hobby blog makes sense. But when it is clear most of my readers have moved on, I see no reason I should attempt to squeeze out a post now and then. I tried today, made a very stupid mistake of thinking the time difference between 1979 and 2019 was 20 years not 40...and this mistake (that I published and now have deleted) proved to me that forcing posts in between two full-time jobs + family + life just isn't working for me any more.

If you attended Oshbash 2019, hope you had a good time because it will go down as the last one.

Thanks for staying with me since 2005, and this is going to be it.

For now.

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